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How to make Personalised Mugs


Equipment Needed To Make Photo Mugs


[custom mug]sublimation-status mugs


  • Sublimation Mug

Personalised ceramic mugs are coated with a layer polymer coating without this your sublimation inks would not adhere to your ceramic mug.

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  • sublimation ink 

Unlike normal inks like you will find in the stranded desk top printer, sublimation ink when heated causes it to turn into a gas which is subsequently transferred to the mug surface.

[Photo mug]-sublimation printer
  • Sublimation Printer 
Sublimation printers have special heads to accommodate sublimation ink, you can also use printers with a separate sub tank to hold the ink as the standard printer will not take sublimation cartridges.
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  • Mug Heat Press 
A mug press has a cylindrical heated plate into which the mug sublimation paper and mug are inserted and heated to high temperature to start the sublimation process. A mug press is only useful for printing mugs and similarly shaped objects and is not able to print T-shirts.
[photo mug]software-statusmugs
  • Sublimation software
This is were you make your mug designs as you will require graphic art design software to manipulate your design to fit the size of your mug, also you will need to use the software to change your custom ICC profile for the best quality print for your custom mug.
[custom mug]sublimation paper-status mugs
  • Sublimation Paper

You must use high quality sublimation paper as failure to do so will result in poor quality mug prints. 

How To Make A Photo Mug


  1. Now that you have all the equipment you can start making your custom photo mugs, once you have your design and are happy with the size and image you can print it on to your sublimation paper but remember to always print your image in mirror or your design will appear backwards if not.
  2. Cut your design to size now you have printed your mug design, making sure to take care not to get your fingers all over the image.
  3. Wrap you mug design round you sublimation mug and when you are happy with the position tape it in place using only heat tape as regular tape will burn with the high temperature.
  4. Place your custom mug into the heat press and adjust the pressure as this will vary on the size of your sublimation mug. Temperature and time depends on the make and model of your heat press.
  5. Once your heat press indicates your mug is ready, carefully remove your personalised mug using gloves as this will be very hot, and when cool enough remove the sublimation paper with your design on from your mug, rinse under a cold tap and hey presto you have made your first custom printed photo mug.           

Make your own fantastic custom personalised photo mug with status mugs today and use  our supper easy use mug design software.